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Steve Kowalsky

John Perlman discussed how big banks have been working with solar installers to make alternative energy accessible in an interview with Moneyweb reporter Ciaran Ryan.

People are considering installing solar electricity systems to reduce the stress caused by regular power outages.

To assist homeowners in finding the most exemplary alternative energy system for their needs, many large banks, according to Ryan, have partnered with qualified solar contractors.

Many people have switched to solar power systems, which may not always supply enough energy to run the entire home but may keep things running even during prolonged power outages.

It is not 100% off the grid, but in many cases, if you start becoming smart about your energy use, it will certainly get you through the load shedding.
Ciaran Ryan, Moneyweb writer

Ryan pointed out that prices for solar energy systems have lately increased due to the considerable demand outweighing the supply, but solar panels can last decades once installed.

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