Get the right backup Solution for you!

Enjoy your work-from-home lifestyle with uninterrupted power for your home office. Keep working during Load-shedding. Being at home and working remotely in this age and day has never been easier. A backup power system is essential to safeguard your house, home office, and career from power outages—no more disconnections, and most importantly, no missing meetings because of power cuts.

The Load Shedding kits can power the virtual devices in your home office, including your laptop/desktop, monitor, Wi-Fi router, printer, etc. They can power a home office for up to 4-5 hours with multiple devices connected.

Keep the power on

Your Load Shedding kit can supply a very effective power source to keep the power ON when load shedding cuts the power to your home or business.

portable - Plug and play

No complicated setup. Easy to move. Plug your devices you need to charge directly into the system.

no noisy generators

No more noisy generators & reduces greenhouse gas emissions.​

All-in-one Plug & Play


All-in-one Plug & Play



A load-shedding kit is a set of devices and equipment designed to help you manage the effects of load shedding by providing backup power or reducing your electricity consumption during power outages.

A load-shedding kit typically includes an automatic transfer switch and a battery backup system.

A load-shedding kit provides backup power to essential appliances and devices during power outages or reduces the amount of electricity used during peak load periods. The automatic transfer switch ensures that the backup power generator kicks in after cutting the main supply. In contrast, the battery backup system provides power in case of longer outages.

The benefits of having a load-shedding kit include maintaining power to essential appliances and devices during power outages, reducing your reliance on the grid, and saving you money on your electricity bill by using energy-saving devices.

To choose the suitable load-shedding kit for your needs, consider the size of your home or business, the number of essential appliances you need to power, your budget, and your energy consumption habits. Consult with one of our professional at Solarbeam to help you select the suitable kit for your situation.

There are several types of load-shedding kits available, including portable generators, whole-house generators, solar power systems, and battery backup systems. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs and circumstances. A highly recommended and affordable load-shedding kit is the battery backup system.